Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"And Mom & Dad Can Hardly Wait for School to Start Again"

Bing Crosby was on to something there, wasn't he?
Ah, I almost feel guilt admitting that. OK, I do feel some guilt.

I love having Aidan around. I am not ready for him to go back to school.
But the thing is, he is used to that routine, we are used to that routine, and Christmas break isn't a long
enough break to establish a different routine. Sure, unplanned stuff is fun, too.
But yikes-a-pee.

Same with Patrick. He is home this week (minus a half day on Thursday). I love having him home. 
Heck, yes, more help with the kids!
BUT...he & I are not used to being around each other nonstop for so long.
We're getting stuff done around the house, which is good and necessary.

Brennan is running on over-excitement, having his daddy & brother home so much. It's cute, but also,
not cute at times.

It's our 1st Christmas home since I was pregnant with Brennan. The last 2 years we spent Christmas in
SC, and so every free moment was occupied and filled with visiting people we rarely see.
We're learning now how to spend Christmas at home, and make it fun & memorable.

There have been some fun times, too.
Aidan & I have played some Uno.
Patrick & I watched Star Trek last night, and actually enjoyed it.
Brennan has a constant playmate around again.
Oh, and I have a husband to cook dinner. The man grills out even if 20-degree weather w/ snow.

It is nice. And I am not 100% ready for school to resume. I just miss the normalcy. Just a tad.
And I understand now, a little bit more, what Bing Crosby was talking about.


Shelley said...

I understand the back-and-forth of it all very well. On the one hand, all the vacation time is nice.

On the other hand, JANUARY WHERE ARE YOU??!!


Crystal said...

I feel ya!!

Oh, and Jason and I watched Star Trek Sunday night! We thought it was pretty good, too.

Miss ya. Really wishing we lived closer together so we could get these boys out of the house and running around and wearing each other out, LOL.

Sue said...

I do understand but so sad Christmas is over. Not ready for January at all!!!!! LONG month w/ HUGE bills!!! $250 registration fee for K4?? I think not!!! $600 in fees for 6th grade plus $195 re-registration fee!!
wasn't there a time when all kids went to public school????