Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Family Fun

Today we did a winter family walk. Sure, we looked somewhat like eskimos, but it was much more fun than we expected.

We needed it. After the chaos the past few days, we planned a day out.
It's nice all of us being home, but we're clashing, Aidan out of school not sure what to do w/ himself, same for Pat being off work this week.

So off for a family walk we went, to our neighborhood park. The boys were quite cute in the snow, even though we are in need of more snow (to make a snowman, that is).

Playing in the snow: it's one of the ways we're bidding farewell to a good 2009.

bundled up & ready to head outside

awesomeness in ski masks

family photo attempt (23 degree weather)

Aidan thought it was cool to be on the playground in wintery snow

Daddy & his can tell Brennan was really interested in this picture.

Posts to come on what 2009 meant for us, and even more so, how the last decade changed our world (from my perspective).


Shelley said...

That photo of you all on the end of the curly slide is TOO CUTE, but I'm no sure I would have known it was you, you're all so bundled up, lol!!!


Lu said...

Love the pics!! A winter walk sounds like fun!

Sue said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!! they look so cute-I sure wish I could put a snowsuit on Jack! They'll have the best memories.

Bethany said...

Very fun! You guys have way more snow than we do but I'm glad you got to get outside and enjoy as a family! :)