Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It's Aidan's last day of school for 2009!!!
I am looking forward to having him home. :)

Thank goodness he loves school, though.

Today it feels like the first day "break" is actually starting. Aidan gets out of school at 3:15, and  undoubtedly he'll come home all jazzed up on a sugar high (class party this afternoon).
Pat has been off school for a week now, and I am off of work the rest of this week.


Tonight will be a night of just the four of us. First family dinner since Friday.

Tonight Pat & I will actually be able to talk to each other for more than 2 minutes in passing.
We can stay up late and not have to change right away in the morning to drive Pat to work.


I am hoping we can fit it all in, even though I am already a tad itchy for the holidays to be done with and just hit the down time.

I want to go on a date with Aidan to the movies.
I want to watch Christmas movies with Pat, snuggling on the couch and drinking hot chocolate. We'll fall asleep, I am sure.

I want to bake candy cane cookies with Aidan.
I want to play hide & seek with Brennan.

It is finally break!
Enjoy it. At least try. Before we know it, it will be all over.

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