Monday, December 21, 2009

My Life As A Working Woman

If you can even really call it that. Ha!
 I work about 8-10 hours a week. But hey, it's something. Small, but still something.

Working part-time at Dollar Tree isn't half bad. The work is certainly easy enough.
Fortunately we've been busy, so it's going by quickly.
I was hired on as a seasonal employee, but there is a very slim chance I'd get to stay on schedule. We'll see.

Interesting tales...not a ton, but a few.

Last week, on one of the coldest days so far, the store was VERY busy.
In walks in this, shall we say, plus-sized woman, with a little extra "plus".
In she comes wearing faded, thinned jammy pants, a short-sleeved shirt, and flip-flops, no socks. Mind you, it is winter, and with the wind-chill, maybe in the teens for the temperature.
No coat.

Not only did she come in wearing that get-up, but she was walking around with what had to be the world's largest wedgie. GROSS. You could see it, stuck in between her plus-ness cheeks and being absorbed into God-knows-where. Worst of all, she smelled like tuna fish. *Gag*
How could she not detect that?!

I would have sworn this was a homeless person, (no coat), but her kid was with her, and he was dressed appropriately. Okay.....

That's the most ghetto I've witnessed so far. Most people are normal. Thank God!

But the dollar store is still the dollar store.

For example, the vacuum is broken. It's been broken for a few days now, and it's the only vacuum in the store. The floors are filthy.

When I worked at CVS, we had more than one vacuum, and if one broke, it was replaced the next day. A dirty store can turn off customers!

Well, here we've had dirty floors for a few days now, and the broom will only help so much on carpet.

So last night I was ringing up this customer - you could tell she thought she was something special.
She mutters something to her daughter, then I hear her say "it's not like they clean the floors in this place!".
True dat.

But being an employee & all, I quickly inform her that our vacuum broke, and we look forward to properly vacuuming once we have what we need to do so.

The last thing I need is a rude customer acting like I am a lazy person. No thank you, snot-face. Keep your comments to yourself. (even though the store was filthy...she wasn't inquiring about it, just being rude;)

Aside from those 2 things, I lack good stories
This is the first time I've worked outside the house since CVS, which was March 2006.
I did work as an online tutor for Sylvan, but that was sitting down, from home. I stopped that early 2007.

I forgot how darn exhausting it can be to stand in one little square for hours at a time.
My feet are tired. A tad sore. But it does feel good to have a paycheck (albeit small) coming in with my name on it.

Speaking of work, I'm scheduled tonight, so I better get busy. Lots to do around the house!


Bethany said...

Oh darn! I was going to call you tonight. Since, ya know, I'm on Christmas break and all and have no life and I'm just *waiting around* for you to yell at me. Wow, when did we switch places? I used to have to email you my schedule and now it's the other way around!?

Anyway, I'm glad for your stories. I need some fun stuff to read around here ;) Talk to you when you're not working, busy lady!

Andrea said...

Your a busy woman. That story cracked me up... I have some hilarious ones from back in the walmart days! Good luck. =)

PB said...

Andrea, you have heard of right?