Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolution Time!

Man-alive, can you believe we're seriously starting another decade?! Crazy.

I've been annoying myself trying to decide how to do so many significant posts, so here it is:
This one for 2010 resolutions, and then another for the past year (2009), and I might combine that with the highlights of the past decade.
If not for your entertainment, I love to have these things to go back and read at a later time. Progress, mishaps...checking in on myself.

(this just cracked me up)

Without further ado, I present some basic resolutions for 2010:

  1. Do a written budget every single month, before the month begins. This extends to paying cash for groceries, gifts, Sunday tithing, and as much as possible gas for the car. Using the envelope system that came with our FPU kit.
  2. Monthly, send my brother Kevin a card, even if I can't include a gift. (he is mentally ill, and after watching a tv show that featured a 7yo girl w/ schizophrenia, I felt ashamed I don't do more for him.) Monthly cards to Kevin, pictures often, gifts when possible.
  3. Get back into the habit of sending my godchildren cards on a semi-regular basis, with our without a gift to include.
  4. Exercise a minimum of 4x a week, unless I am truly sick. (to maintain my WW status)
  5. Pay off at least 3 debts (going off #1).
  6. Pray more with my husband, and aim to go to Adoration at least a few times over the year.

I don't normally aim for so many, because I otherwise feel resolutions aren't attainable. 
But several of these are already a part of our normal routine, just not to the extent I feel we need. Or I need.

The budget will be the hardest thing for us to do. Not figuring it out, but taking the time to sit down and do it. But we're both much happier when we do it.

2010! I have high expectations & much hope this will be a good year. A busy year, but a good one. 
What do you resolve?


Bethany said...

Great resolutions! I want 1) no more car issues (ok so that's not something I can control but a girl can wish) 2)I will get out more, not as many nights sitting at home feeling like a loser...past that, no clue.

the JOHNSON family said...

Great resolutions! I need to adopt the godchild one and the praying with husband one. And, the excercise one (I'm down to 138lbs whohoo)! And the budget one......Thanks for inspiring me Sharon! Happy New Year!

Lu said...

What a wonderful list!!! I did my review post, but haven't sat down and thought about my resolutions...

Happy New Year blogging friend!

Amy said...

Looks like we're going to be leading pretty similar lives this year. I might look into FPU. I think it would help us a lot.

Shelley said...

Oh, wow. Your goals are really focused. Mine tend to be more like, "Quit being such a dope."

You have inspired me!

Stefany said...

These are great resolutions! Be sure to come over to my blog and link up these. I am loving having everyone in one place so we can all check on each other and offer each other some love!