Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Thanksgiving Post, finally (pictoral review)

I thought I could have had this post done before December. Wrong! Time is just flying by.

How was your Thanksgiving?

I hope ours was good. I was there, but as the host, I don't feel I can accurately say if it was good or not. I hope so.
The turkey did not burn, the alcohol did not run out, there were enough seats, and there were many instances of people smiling and laughing. I take those as good signs.

I missed getting a picture of my turkey before it was cut, but it was so tender pieces were falling off, anyway. So there was no good chance of that picture you so often see on tv or greeting cards.
Our table was decent, and I did snatch some pictures:

The table being set:

The tower with our homemade pilgrim hats and teepees (teepees kinda turned out like Christmas trees, but you can use your imagination;)

Fruit kabob 

Rice Krispie Treat Footballs (and they were delicious)



Football game, which was actually very fun. More pics of that to come.

There you have it for now.

I was nervous to host, especially since it was my first time. All said & done, though, and I can say I would do it again. Definitely.

I am so grateful my mom was here. She gutted the turkey for me. She was a tremendous help.
The next day, when the exhaustion was hitting me, I gave her a hug and told her I had no idea, all these years, all these times she hosted, that it was so darn exhausting and stressful. GOOD, but it does wipe you out. I hope she knows I was sincere in my thanks.

How was your Thanksgiving? Which dish was your favorite this year?


Sue said...

aww, very nice. wish we were there!!! table looked gorgeous. perhaps the next rachael ray????

Andrea said...

You are awesome hosting. Your decorations were awesome.

That is so sweet about your mom. The things we take for granted until we do them ourselves.