Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Do You Wanna Know?

All the junk I ate over Christmas break?

Seriously. I know that's an odd thing to bring up, but I think it will surprise many of you. Some of you seem to think I am a health-nut, so I'm going to share. Rest assured, I can pig out like no other, when I allow myself.
And of course I feel the guilt, but I'll touch on that at the end.

Are you ready? You may feel sick to your stomachs, FYI.

Over the break, I gave myself time-off of tracking my points and let myself enjoy food. We ate at my in-laws', enjoyed snacks from others, homemade baked goods, etc, so it didn't all come from our funding.

I ate:

  • bacon-wrapped filet
  • bacon-wrapped breadsticks
  • loaded baked potato
  • Vito's Pizza, the best on the planet (as in 6 pieces)
  • prime rib
  • Little Caesar's
  • chocolate
  • cookies
  • Taco Bell, especially the chili-cheese burrito
  • Moose Tracks ice cream
  • an entire bag of Garden Salsa Sunchips, by myself
  • bread rolls w/ butter
  • wine
  • Schlotzky's Turkey-Bacon Club
  • Pasta. A crazy amount of white pasta.
  • Bagels
That's not even all of it, I'm sure. 
But see? I pigged out like no other. That was in 2 weeks' time, people. Kinda gross, huh?

I don't do it all the time. I allowed myself that free range long enough for guilt to set in & pounds to come back on. Not a ton, but I could feel the difference. I very easily feel when I gain or lose weight. (I suppose years on Weight Watchers will do that for ya).

I enjoyed it, but now it's back to being disciplined until the next bout of it, probably over Spring break.

I am back to tracking, and I'm really trying to condition myself again, physically. 
If I happen to get pregnant this year (I am not pregnant, just planning ahead), I want to be in very good physical condition. I want to be the healthiest I have ever been.

And it's a tad vain, but I really want to see if I can get my weight into the 120's again. I am close, but have not reached it yet. It won't last, I am sure, but I really feel I want to challenge myself. 

For exercise I'm trying some new things (still love the shred, but want a break from it):

Cardio Max, level 1. It's On Demand, and oh my goodness, it is tough. The thighs & toosh are feeling it.

Walk Away the Pounds, Family Walk. It's 2 miles. I never got into WATP before, but I'm liking it. It's one I can see myself doing life-long. Easy on the joints, but still effective.

On Demand right now has a 10 minute Yoga for Core. I always thought Yoga was for the tree-huggers and probably easy. WRONG! Ok, maybe it is more hippy-type or something, but it is not easy. Boy was I wrong! My abs were definitely challenged, and many of the moves were things we did in dance.

I did these 3 last night, in this order. I plan to stick with this routine for this week & see what it does come weigh-in time.

It really is amazing how good you feel mentally after exercising. I dread doing it much of the time, but so glad I've done it once it's done.


Sue said...

how is prime rib & filet junk???? sunchips are healthy chips are they not??? hmmph. are we related?

in a poor man's world pasta is considered a meal!!!!!

Shelley said...

I am so glad the holidays are over because I am really sick of all the food! And for ME to say that, well....wow.

Will have to check out On Demand for the exercisey stuff. That sounds very interesting.