Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Past Decade

It was my 20's.

It was a very milestone-filled decade for me, probably more so than any I will experience until my kids go off & marry & become parents, themselves.

This decade, 2000's...

I survived Y2K! (snicker, kidding)
I turned 20, and 21... :)

I met Patrick (January 2000), my husband.

Endured my 1st terrorism even in the world, 9-11. It forever changed my patriotic spirit, views of the military, and built in me a fear of flying.

2002 was a big year: got engaged, graduated college w/ my BS, moved from SC to MI, lived completely on my own, began my first professional job using my degree (taught 1st grade). Had my own health benefits. Big year.

2003: I got married, went on Hawaii for our honeymoon, and 6 weeks later got pregnant. I taught another year.

2004: I became a mother. I experienced depression for the 1st time. My heart grew. My oldest was Baptized.

I joined Weight Watchers 3 different times this past decade. It took the 3rd time for me to reach my goal weight.

I tried Jazzercise, Atkins, joined a gym for a short time.

I learned to cook and plan meals.

I had a 2nd pregnancy. I had my 1st miscarriage.

I had a 3rd pregnancy. He woke us up at 5:15 this morning. :)

This past decade, I: waited tables, tutored in college, did my student teaching, worked at Walgreens, taught 1st grade in a Catholic school, worked a day in Chili's restaurant, worked at CVS, Sylvan Learning online, Dollar Tree.

I drove my 1st car, a Honda Civic. I paid off my 1st car.
We bought our 1st minivan, and still drive it today.

I witnessed many friends getting married, lost both of my grandmothers, lost my uncle/godfather and another close family friend.

I started this blog.
I made incredible new friends.

We got our first laptop, palm pilot, i-pod, i-pod touch, joined MySpace (bla), Facebook, Twitter. Gained the awesome DVR, fell in love with CSI, Lost, Dancing with the Stars, The Office, that's-what-she-said jokes, Grey's Anatomy, & much more. We bid farewell to Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, and MONK, too. (happy, Sue?;)

Gained 8 new nieces/nephews, 2 sisters-in-law, and 2 brothers-in-law. Also 3 new godchildren.

We bought our 1st house. We endured Financial Peace University.

We developed a clear plan for our future.

Our future is happening now, and we are starting this decade off in a much better way than the last one.

I feel this is going to be another milestone-full next 10 years. I feel it will be a decade where we become debt-free, maybe even including our mortgage, hopefully have another baby (or two), buy another car paying cash, watch my husband graduate with his MBA, buy another, bigger, more permanent house.
(not in all that order;)

I raise my glass (ok, coffee cup) to the end of the 2000's, appreciating the good that it brought, and welcoming the new decade. Here here!


Stefany said...

It really is amazing to sit back and think about all that a decade holds, isn't it? I was reading this and thinking... wow, I remember this or that. I have also accomplished so much this past decade and it would do me good to acknowledge that with clear hopes for the future.

Great post!

Mandy said...

It's always good to go back and reflect on your life. Great post...Can I steal it? :)

Bethany said...

Crazy the stuff that happens within a span of 10 years, isn't it?! I'm hoping that 2010-2020 bring lots of wonderful changes for both of us...gosh, it hurts to think how old I'll be in ten years though!!!!!!!!