Sunday, January 03, 2010

When I was His Age...

What were you like when you were your kids' age?

I got to thinking about this last night. There are so many differences from generation to generation, but when it comes down to it, it seems kids are kids.

I don't really recall what I was like at Brennan's age, being that he is not even 3 years old.

I do remember being Aidan's age, though. Aidan is going on 6.

When I was Aidan's age:
-I went to half-day kindergarten. I rode the bus with my oder brother & sister (A-8).
-I was incredibly shy.
-I loved the cartoon Inspector Gadget. I would get up early to watch it, at 7:30. Yes, 7:30 was getting up early for me! (unlike my kids)

-I went to kindergarten in the a.m., took the bus home, then often had a tv dinner for lunch w/ my mom. I thought it was the coolest thing. I remember watching Ryan's Hope and then Days of Our Lives with her.

-When I was Aidan's age, I rode in the front seat of the car. And by 5, I was not in a car seat.
-I shared a room, bunkbeds, with my brother John. We're 17 months apart in age.
-By Aidan's age, I had seen many, many horror films, including The Exorcist.

-I loved running errands with my mother. I remember most driving down one road--Ryan Rd, before it was widened, and taking it a few miles to Kmart. Also the meat store, and the dry cleaners, where they always gave me a penny for their gumball machine. I believed I was the only kid that special.

-I loved My Little Pony, She-Ra, and I was entering the world of Gem (maybe a tad later). When my brother wasn't looking, I would snatch his He-Man action figures and make them date my She-Ra.

Times have changed. It's fun to look back like this, and I hope that by this post, Aidan can one day find it and read to see what my childhood was like, compared to his own.

What were you like when you were your kid's age?


Mandy said...

I loved Jem and She-ra as well. :)

Nell said...

Oh how fun to read about you. I, too, was very shy. I still am pretty shy, to be honest. If you met me in person and I didn't know you.


I answered your question in the comments of that blog post. I don't know why I wasnt emailed notification of your comment, so I could respond, but I wasnt.

Hyperactive Lu said...

ha! loved the post! inspector gadget!!!

Sue said...

too may rules now. see how well you & john turned out w/ your free living? nobody could turn a big wheel like the two of you.

Shelley said...

That was a really cute post. Jem! She-Ra! I do remember them, even though I'm a good bit older than you, so sadly, never a fan. I loved Scooby-Doo on Saturdays and Brady Bunch re-runs after school.