Friday, January 15, 2010

TGIF! 1st in 2010

Oh, Friday. I'm so glad you're here. Welcome! Please be a good one for us. :)

How was your week?

I actually had a pretty decent week, thank the Lord.
I'll dish out the not-so-good first, but the coolest thing is how much more GOOD I have.


  • I've had a cough/cold all week that's just draining me. 
  • Our fridge is junk and there may be another problem.
  • Patrick started classes back this week.
  • I gained weight.
  • Lady friends-do you find yourselves to be bottomless pits right before your monthly annoyance begins? Oh my goodness, my appetite could have matched any food challenge & won. Every stinking month. 
The Good:
  • Aidan has a long weekend! No school today or Monday. :) We're playing some serious Uno later, and maybe watching the Tinkerbell Pirate movie.
  • I've teamed up w/ Andrea and started the shred again
  • We paid off our car! Woo-hoo! If we follow Dave Ramsey's plan strictly, this means we may very well never have a monthly car payment again. Just a car purchase. Wow. I love that we're changing our boys' future (financially) like this. Lessons learned & practiced!
  • We stuck to our menu plan.
  • Did more organizing
  • Started a Google Doc with a list of items for our first garage sale in the spring. Any garage sale tips? Leave them in my comments, please! 
  • Aidan's first report card comes next week. 
  • I kicked butt w/ following my Motivated Moms planner this week. My house thanks me.
  • Brennan napped the other day. It was heavenly. I was able to work out & get a ton of cleaning done, plus watch a CSI episode. It was a good day.
When I list like this, I really see that despite my negativity, I am blessed. Especially when I see the reports on Haiti. Boy do we need to pray for the people of Haiti! 

This weekend isn't anything fancy. Tomorrow my in-laws are coming down, taking Aidan on his "date" with Grandma. She gave him a Kohl's giftcard for Christmas, and they're going shopping tomorrow. He is excited to buy new shirts to wear on school Jeans Days. (so cute)

TGIF! What are your plans?


Crystal said...

Awesome on all the positives! especially paying off the van!!! super excited for you guys. I got some news I'm gonna share over on my blog later today... Love ya girlie!! have a good weekend. Jason and I are hoping to have a great adult Saturday evening/night!

the JOHNSON family said...

garage sale tips....

Be prepared to negotiate and have a set price in your head that you will Not go under for certain items. Everyone negotiates everything down here, no one wants to pay the listed price. Once Michael let a very nice piece of furniture go for too cheap because the woman (who spoke mostly Spanish, very little English) kept badgering him and said she didn't have any more than $20. He let her have it for the $20 and she opened her wallet and there was hundreds inside! I was so P.Oed. She completely swindled him while I was distracted with another buyer! We easily could have gotten $60 for that piece. Also, have a plan for your kids to be gone or distracted the entire morning. It's way too hard to run a garage sale and deal with whiney kids at the same time.

Amy said...

Congrats on paying off the car. I need to pull out the Dave Ramsey book again. Do you think Financial Peace University was a good idea? Might have to look into that.