Saturday, January 16, 2010

You All Are Great

Thanks for boosting me up after my last post.

I do suppose I was like the comic above: Little Miss Crabby Ass.

After your kind words--by the way, you all are the best & I love you for it-- I was feeling better.

My glass if half full today.

I had some good time with my husband.
I had a good weigh-in at Weight Watchers.
Aidan had a wonderful time with his grandparents today.
I've been good to my body.
I have an evening to relax and unwind, with my family safe & sound, healthy, and provided for.

I know we are a single unit as a family. It's us together that makes us work. At times I seem to isolate our roles, and I don't know why. I shouldn't, because it's not the way we function. One person's actions effect another's, just as one person's wages help us all, one person's laundry-washing helps us all, etc.
We work together. All 4 of us.

We're together today. And my glass feels half-full again.


The Old Geezer said...

I enjoyed looking over your blog
God bless you

Amy said...

I wish I'd read your post before I posted mine. I would have stolen your crabby ass picture. I still might.

Bethany said...

Welll I am not great because I am so, so far behind in blog reading even when it comes to close friends. Thank goodness for twitter, facebook, and phones. :) I'm glad you're doing better and yay for Aidan having a good time with his grandparents! Did he find some nice shirts for school? Catch ya later... :)