Tuesday, February 02, 2010

100 Days Ago


100 days ago, my oldest started school full-time for the first time. KINDERGARTEN.

I was an emotional wreck the week leading up to his first day. I definitely felt the growing pains more than he did.

He loves school. He loves homework (usually), loves that he can read, loves his jobs in the classroom. He enjoys interacting with the other kids, seeing classmates at Mass on Sundays, recess, and his specials (gym, music, spanish, library, computers).

He has grown so much these past 100 days. He is more than halfway to 1st grade now!

Today they had the student go in through a different entrance. As we walked in, the teachers & principal were there, and in the walkway was a gigantic cut out of "100". Each student walked through the middle "0", and as they did, the staff counted each student. It was pretty cool. I wish I had my camera with me.

100 days. Already.


On a different note, HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!!
Phil saw his shadow over in PA, but here in Ohio our local groundhog did NOT. So we may get an early spring here. (though my bets are on the more experienced Phil)

Happy Groundhog Day! Happy 100th day of school!


Shelley said...

Those pictures could not be cuter.

Plus, all the green grass and short sleeves gives me hope on this dreary, freezing cold day that warm weather WILL COME AGAIN!

Shelley said...

Hey, it would be so cute if you could grab your camera and take his picture standing in front of that same Mary statue. I bet he's dressed a bit differently!

notjustlaura said...

I wonder if asking the cats if they see their shadows would work for us?

Sue said...

great pics!! we already had our 100th day of school. kids get to dress as a 100 yr old person-great fun! I can't believe Aidan will be 6 soon!!!

Bethany said...

Uh yea, I follow Mr. PA Phil- that was, of course, where I grew up so hellllo, he knows what he's doing ;)

Happy 100th day of school to Aidan! Can't believe it!

Andrea said...

He is getting so grown up. I like the idea the school had with jumping through the O. :)

Happy Groundhog day, a date late. It's my gramma's birthday.