Monday, February 01, 2010

2010: One Month In--How Are You Doing with Those Resolutions/Goals?

2010: one month down already, 11 more to go!

January felt like it went by fast, now that it's over.

One month in, and I'm asking how you're doing with those goals or resolutions you set.
 How are ya doing?

As for me, well, let me take it goal by goal:

1) Doing a written budget for each month, paying cash for things when possible.
So far so good! We aren't having enough budget meetings yet to check against the budget planned out, but we are doing well using cash. I must say, I really like paying cash. It's less stressful, even for gas for the car. And when you don't want to pay cash for gas because of little ones you might not leave in the car? Easy. When another adult is w/ the kids, run to the gas station you must frequently use, take your cash, and buy a giftcard. You can then pay at the pump just like debit/credit. I LOVE it.

2) Send monthly cards to my brother, and more cards to my godchildren.
I failed this one for January. I didn't get a card to Kevin. :( I talked to him the other night, though, and I'm sending out Valentines'. He is first on my list!

3) Exercise a min of 4 times a week.
Eh, I was off to a great start with this one, and then got that sinus infection. I've been back on track, though, thanks to doing the shred w/ Andrea. I'm not quite back to par yet, since before the sinus infection I was doing the shred plus a 2 or 3 mile Walk Away the Pounds each day. I'll get there.

4) Pay off at least 3 debts this year.
So far we paid off our one & only car early--feels good! We have no car payment right now, and if we do the DR plan lifelong, we'd never have one again. Can you imagine? (I dare to imagine)
We are very close to paying off 1 of the 2 credit cards we have left, and that may even be paid off before February ends. YES! Once that one is paid off, it will be very feasible to pay off that last credit card. We'll then be down to our student loans and mortgage. *happy dance*

5) Pray more with my husband and make it to Adoration on occasion
OK, big time fail w/ adoration. I haven't been in over a month. Praying with my husband, not terrible, but we could do better. I think we should incorporate a few minutes of quick morning prayer together.

So there you have it. Living up to my goals.
How ya doing so far in 2010?


Hyperactive Lu said...

You've done wonderful!!!! That last one is something we need to do more often too!

In Light of the Truth... said...

Great work so far!

What's Adoration??

notjustlaura said...

Thanks for sharing and reminding me about my own resolutions - I've written about them here.

Shelley said...

Oh, Sharon....I'm going to have to revisit the post ON MY OWN BLOG to even remember what my resolutions WERE. Waaaaaahhhhh!!!

Sounds like you're off to a fairly good start, though. Keep it up (for all of us.)

Bethany said...

You're doing a great job overall! I didn't really make goals...haha. Of course, paying of debt is forefront in my mind lately. You guys will be done in no time because you rock!

Andrea said...

Wow, you guys are amazing!

Great job and keeping with your resolutions, keep up on the getting out of debt.. I always have to tell my bil about you guys. He loves dave ramsey.

You are such a great girl with the exercise. Thank you for keeping me inspired and motivating me.

Monthly cards to your god children? I LOVE THIS! My first godchild is only 8 weeks old, but I'd like to do this. I like the card thing too. I try to send a card to at least one person a month. Just a little something. ;)

Pray with your husband.. we are so awful about this. In the five years I've been married I can probably count how many times we've done this. :( We're on day three of the Love Dare. maybe that will help.

Love this and I didn't make any resolutions. I'm dumb. :)