Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Checking In

The trip was rough.
Nasty weather. Snow in the south, mixed with ice.

A 10, 11 hour car trip at most wound up taking 14 hours.
Brennan, our 2 year old, didn't fall asleep in the car until the last 2 hours.

Once down there, I wasn't as productive as I had hoped.
My own expectations were not met, and I know it doesn't end there. I feel I probably failed in the eyes of others. Somehow I always spend some of our drive home feeling that way.

My emotional eating kicked in, I splurged while in SC, and I've not stopped. Despite being bloated & feeling gross in my own body, I have not exercised in several days.

Brennan talked nonstop today...as in NON STOP. I couldn't move without it being questioned.
Aidan is a sweet caregiver and taking care of me while the hubs is in Dallas.
And even though Pat just left a few hours ago, I already miss him.

On a different note, I went with my sisters to see New Moon on Sunday. I admit, I liked it. I especially liked Jacob. ;) I would watch this one again (whereas I did not feel that way after seeing Twilight).

So there ya have it. I'm playing catch-up now with laundry, grocery shopping, and my DVR.
I'm not ready for Lent.  Ironically enough, I feel ready for a vacation.
How's that for checking in?


Bethany said...

I'm sorry everything didn't go as planned- still can't believe you ran into snow! Today's a great day to get back on track with everything though :)

Sue said...

but no mention of ME!? let's see, you had wonderful men on this trip: Santiago, Eric, Edward & yes, Jacob!

Hyperactive Lu said...

I'm sorry you had a rough few days... this is how I feel when we travel to TN to visit family. Nothing goes the way I want it to and everything is harder than it should be. I appreciate your honesty in this post because I am totally empathize with those yucky days. Hang in there and I hope today is much better!

Andrea said...

I'm glad you're back! I'm sorry you feel the way you do and I feel the same a lot of times after visiting family - running in through my head, feel like I did or didn't do somethign I should have, etc.

*Hugs* Happy Lent.

Shelley said...

Oh, dear. I'm sorry, hon. :o(

But I am glad you're back safely! To all the FUUUUN of the midwest in the winter.