Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heading South

Just like the birds.

Tomorrow we hope to be on the road by this time.
We're going to see my family in South Carolina.

The main reason is to see my mother before her surgery on the 23rd. It will also be helpful to see some of the things being considered for my parents' 50th anniversary party.

I'll be glad to go once we're there, but I tell ya, I am not particularly looking forward to the drive. It will be a long trip over a long weekend, and we have no seconds to spare.

The day after we get back Patrick has to fly to Dallas for work. Aidan has school. I don't want my guys being exhausted for their weeks, and trips like this are always exhausting.
Traveling in the winter doesn't always float my boat, either. Too nasty (usually) to let the boys run around the rest areas, we're cooped in the car w/ it being too cold for windows...bla.

I know it's good we're going down, but this morning it feels like a daunting task. The chore of packing, the task of finding ways to occupy Aidan & Brennan in the car, the financial cost of it all, the possibility of bickering while down Makes me want to crawl back into bed.

Instead,  I need to get packing. T-24 hours until we hit the road!


Sue said...

But isn't all worth it to see ME???


notjustlaura said...

I hope the journey is gentle with you.

Sue said...

sorry it wasn't the best trip for you. we loved seeing all of you!!! Jack sure misses Aidan!

Bethany said...

I'm glad you finally made it down there, sorry it wasn't an easy trip but I hope you had fun!