Tuesday, February 09, 2010

How Do You Spend Your Snow Days?

'Cuz it's looking like tomorrow will be another one around here!

We actually had some fun today. That's not to say my boys didn't get under my skin. 2yo not napping usually involves me feeling frustrated at SOME point. And my boys wrestling and rolling over each other, despite me telling them over & over again politely asking them to stop, often makes me feel ready for a glass or two of wine a tad agitated, too.

I welcomed today's snow day & basically said "Game On!".
I've been semi-successful in not letting the snow day beat me.

For starters, promptly at 8 a.m. Aidan wanted to do arts & crafts. Sure, other kids may be sleeping, but embrace my kid for who he is, right? (sigh)
So we decided to make a construction paper-ring-countdown until St. Patrick's Day. He did a great job of cutting and even went on to make a flag. Pretty fun. He & I did stuff like this all the time before he started preschool. Kinda gave me mild-warm-fuzzies.

We played Little People world, too, but that didn't last too long.

I searched through a few recipes, and I found one I actually had all of the ingredients for. We made Oatmeal Cookies! Yum. Cookie dough is so delicious. It makes me wonder why God allowed the risk of salmonella & eggs...

Anyway, I had some help:

They were bummed to learn the dough had to chill in the fridge for an hour (as was I), but it seemed worth the wait:

Thankfully by 4:00 Pat was able to take the boys outside to play for a bit. They came in nice & exhausted...makes me happy. :)

So tomorrow offers us another snow day (already confirmed).
What else can I do with them tomorrow?


Bethany said...

I love all the Irish stuff- see, you can be creative! I have my 2nd snowday (I think!) and so far all I've done is bummed around. I *have* to clean and get stuff done today because my parents & sisters will be here tonight. On that note, my word verification is cathy, which is my mom's name except spelled with a K! Haha.

Shelley said...

Your little kitchen helpers look delighted to be making a mess AND cookies all at the same time!