Saturday, February 20, 2010

If Only Money Grew on Trees

The decision about new windows for our house would be so much easier.

We went from considering new floors to going back to new windows, thanks to the energy tax credit.

Our tax refund seems it will be a tad more than we expected, so we're trying to stick with our goal of one major home improvement project a year. (last year was the roof & gutters)

But darn it! When I think about all we could do with that many things. New furniture (badly needed), tuition for 2010/11 school year paid in full, new shoes, clothes, a 2nd car, pay off more debt...SCREAM.

Why doesn't money grow on trees again?

Oh, right. Obama's fault.

I know it's an "investment" to improve our home. And considering our area's housing values increased roughly 13% this past year, it seems it will pay off.

Gosh darn it.
It's looking like new windows will grace our home, and it better also grace our utility bills.

I'm crossing my fingers there will be enough extra after windows to at least get a new couch, even if it's just this one from Big Lots.
If you find the money tree, let me know.


Stacey said...

Is that a microsuede/microfiber couch?

NOOOOOOOO. Never ever ever buy microsuede. WATER stains it, I kid you not, and anything you buy to get the stains out stains it worse. And nobody will professionally clean it.

Just a tip from your old Aunt Stacey.

Diva Mom Vicki said...

Yeah, still looking for that money tree here...

for what I just had to shell out to have two crowns done on my genetically crappy teeth we could have replaced our 6-year-old computer and replaced the stain carpeting in our living room... *sigh*

I feel your pain!

Diva Mom Vicki said...

Oh, and it's all Bush's fault. EVERYTHING is Bush's fault - hasn't Obama made that clear?

Andrea said...

New windows will be great Sharon!

I like the couch! I'm not sure about microsuede but we have microfiber and we don't have a problem w/ stains. :)

You must be getting a nice tax return. We are and we have to buy a new/use dining room table. The backs keep falling off of ours. Lets just say it's really old and really passed down. LOL!

Sue said...

ah, the days when we got a tax refund! :(