Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally, Some Pics from the Trip

Do you like my "verbal laziness", writing "pics" instead of "pictures"? (a-hem, Sue;)

Our computer is causing problems not wanting to let iphoto function, so I only have a few pictures to share right now. But hey, someone I know was wondering when I was going to post them, so I bugged Pat at work & he walked me through some steps to upload them a different way.

Without further ado:
the roads driving in

lots of snow & ice

finally in SC, playing in the snow! Haleigh eating some snow (not yellow;)

Aidan & Jack building a snowman

South Carolina Snowman!

Later...playing supercool. These weren't grocery bags, they were JET PACKS!

The 3 cousins had fun playing together! (Jack, Aidan, Nolan)

See our super-fun driving conditions for the ride home?

and this wasn't even an hour away from my parents'

There you have it. More pictures to come, hopefully!


Sue said...

wow, look at the mountains. jack is upset aidan forgot his jet pack!

Sharon said...

After your grief, that's all you had to say?

Andrea said...

Great photo's! I'm lovin' the jet pack

Amy said...

Glad you made it home safely, especially seeing those "going home" pics. Did Brennan have a buddy to play with too?

Sue said...

that's all I have to say because these **** shamrocks are in my way!!!

Bethany said...

Cute photos! I am not jealous of the weather though. Did I tell you I might be going to SC next month? Hopefully the weather will be better....