Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday's Thriving

I've been down in the dumps since getting back from SC, but today I'm posting the positive!
So far it's been a good day:

-Aidan didn't wake me until 6:30 (super appreciated since the hubby is in Dallas)

-I got in my a.m. shower without interruption. Grant it, the legs remain hairy, but such is life!

-Aidan had his dental cleaning at 8:30 this morning. Seeing as school starts at 9, I was counting on him being tardy for the first time.
But no! Awesomeness reigns, people, awesomeness reigns! 
Got there at 8:25 for the apt, they took us right away. Aidan was AMAZING during the visit, and has no cavities. Go Aidan! Even w/ x-rays being done, we made it to school on time, w/ 2 minutes to spare. I couldn't believe we still made it on time! (it helps that the dentist is a few blocks from the school).
Aidan was brave, Brennan sat still while we were in there, and we were not tardy!

-Today being pay day meant grocery shopping. I wasn't fully grocery-listed, but I knew enough & HAD to go seeing as we had not a slice of bread left in the house. Brennan & I went to Meijer, him earning cookie bribes along the way.
I scored a great deal on cereal, and I dare to say it tops ALDI'S.
     ~Cereal. I bought 4 boxes of Kellogg's cereal (brand name, yes!) for $3.63. Big boxes, too!
 Breaking it down:
Kellogg's on sale for $2.49/box.
Buy 4 boxes, instantly get $2 off.
3 of the boxes had an instant $1 off coupon
I also had a $1 off mfg coupon from Sunday ads
$9.96-$2 (instant savings)=7.96
7.96-(3)$1 coupons=4.96
4.96-$1 coupon from ads=3.96
3.96-0.33 cpn=$3.63!!!!

-Brand name pasta (whole grain, too) & chickpeas for $0.89.

-The new Fiber One chewy bars (1 point/bar!) were on sale for $1.99/box. I haven't tried them yet, but Hungry Girl says they're good. 
On sale for $1.99 box, I had a 50 cents/coupon, which got doubled. So I bought the Fiber One Bars for 99 cents for the box. Yeah, this makes me happy. 

Good dental visit, Aidan got to school on time, awesome grocery all makes for today being a good day.
It tops off with the best: Pat flies back from Dallas today! We pick him up at 6:45. Not that it was that long, but I still feel like I'm successful in making it the past couple of days. I realized how much I take for granted when he is home, especially the simple things like feeling safer & being able to fall asleep on the couch.

I hope Thursday is treating you all well. Almost the weekend!


Shelley said...

Nice! Glad you're having a great day, with the grocery shopping and the picking up Patrick tonight and not getting woken up too early and all!

Sue said...

yeah Aidan-no cavities!!!

Amy said...

Sorry you've been feeling funky. When is your mom's surgery?

I can't believe Aidan's school doesn't start until 9am. Our kids start at 7:30am. What time does he get out?

Woohoo on the groceries!

Designing Sweet Dreams said...

yay for good days!