Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Almost 60 Puts a Smile On My Face

Spring seems to have arrived here in Ohio! 
We hit nearly 60 degrees yesterday & today, and it felt GREAT.
I got out there with Brennan in the jogging stroller and walked-walked-walked. 
We did an hour yesterday and an hour today. 
My mojo is back. ;)

The sun really does cheer me up, though. I notice it in my boys' attitudes, too. Aidan has been able to be outside for recess, including end-of-day recess right before I pick him up. It's so nice to see him playing with his classmates, smiling, happy. Speaking of Aidan, his registration is complete for next year. Crazy to think I'll have a 1st grader!

They're forecasting rain for the next 5 or so days-bla. At least we enjoyed the sun so far. 
It's made me realize just how ready for spring I am!

Rain or shine, it won't stop us from celebrating St. Patrick's day next week. I'm buying my corned beef tomorrow, I bought my cards today, and I'll be playing leprechaun again this year & hiding chocolate coins for my boys. Rain can't come between us & our Irish blood! 

Soaking up the sun...it's felt great.


Modern Catholic Mom said...

I love the sun too!!!

Bethany said...

You know, I'm okay with the rain right now because the temperatures are warmer. YAY! We actually got to take the kids out on the playground for the first time this year yesterday sooo bring it on, spring!

Shelley said...

Don't look now, but THE GRASS IS GETTING GREENER!!!!!