Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not-Wordless-Wednesday: Girls' Day & Night!

Remember how I headed to visit with a friend last Saturday to celebrate her b-day?
Well we had F-U-N!

The weather was gorgeous. Seriously. Bethany even had me take a picture.
It was sunny and in the 50's (a real treat to Ohioans in early March). We didn't have to bring our heavy jackets w/ us, and it made me feel that much more free.

We packed in more in one day than I am certainly used to. I came home exhausted, but I had such a good time. (I hope Bethany did, too!) Aside from celebrating a friend's birthday with her, I felt like getting away got me away from all the stress around home lately.

What did Bethany & I do?
Here goes: first hit Cici's for lunch, then Bath & Body Works (lipgloss;), then we got our eyebrows waxed. Bethany's 1st time! WOOT! Enjoy getting hair ripped off your face w/ hot wax, Bethany? (you know you did)
Immediately following, red faces & all, we went into CVS because Bethany never had an Extra Care card. *gasp* But she'll say the real reason is to buy hair color for her highlights.
Next we drove to her place in SUNNY weather, and she, for some reason, entrusted me to highlight her hair. I did warn her first.
She busted out the gnarly tye-dye FUS shirt, and for however-long I added reddish streaks to her hair. And foil. I had fun putting foil in her. Who knew?
There was a lack of a hair dryer, though, so Bethany just flipped her hair dry. It was hilarious, offering this wonderful picture moment:
Makes ya wanna say "Duuudddeee", doesn't it? Awesome. Bethany-Mohawk, all for the sake of dry hair. She said it turned out ok:
(I hope so!)
We visited her friend in an antique store/consignment shop, and there were some pretty cool things in there. I need to go back one day and actually buy things. Just not a wobbly table. ;)

Finally we headed back to get ready for the night. 
This first meant a trip to Kohl's for some shopping. I managed to not buy anything, but having a giftcard made it easy for Bethany, and she picked herself up some nice earrings & jeans to go out in. We had to get gussied up, ya know. Accessories required (at least in my mind).

We headed to this awesome Italian restaurant for dinner, Marcella's. DELICIOUS. Oh my goodness, it's a good thing we don't live closer. I'd be ginormous from eating there. I enjoyed it, though, ordering 4-cheese tortellini in an alfredo sauce with chicken and spinach. YUM. 
It was preceded by this incredible appetizer of cheese, honey, apples, and bread:

We were seated around 7:45 p.m. Ha! I'm normally getting my pjs on around then. It was invigorating to just be OUT & about that "late" again. The world is just coming to at that time, for many people. Not usually for this momma, but it was fun.

From dinner we made our final stop, but it was the best: the dueling piano bar
Oh my goodness, I LOVED this place. MUST go back. 
The music was awesome. The performers/employees were so talented, doing such a variety of music.
It was good enough to make me not care about the cover charge, or paying $4 for a single bottle of beer. (in fact I ordered 2;). 
I especially loved the guy playing the fiddle. Such an awesome instrument. The bachelorette party there was slightly dumb, with their blow-up toys. All in all it was a great atmosphere, though. And it helps that the one pianist is the beholder of Bethany's eyes. Not that I blame her-he was a cutie!

Not the best picture, but that guy you see is HIM. Mmmmmm. Bethany's-mmmm. 

It was a great time. Truly. I came home very tired & feeling old, but not all of us are 25 any more. ;)
Happy 25th once again, Bethany! Thanks for having me, and I hope you had even half as much fun as I did!