Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Brennan's Keeping Busy

Brennan's been keeping busy lately with some fun new activities (new to him, at least;).
He longingly admires Aidan & all the school work he gets to do, so I started doing some with Brennan at home.
 First up: lacing beads. Huge hit! He loves sorting & lacing. 

We've been working on the letter B, too, and he loves telling me the sound B makes. I admit, it's really cute. He has no problem recognizing the letter B, tries to write it, and loved going over "B" words.

See the pride? I love it. ;)

Blue for the letter B!

I also got him his first workbook, which he loved doing. Each page is dedicated to a color. The challenge of staying in the lines was one he enjoyed.

Gotta make time for dress up, too! He's normally Buzz Lightyear, but when Aidan is at school, he gets to be Woody. Reach for the Sky!

Doing "schoolwork" with Aidan brings back memories of when I started this with Aidan. I love this site and this site, and we're planning a craft/art project a day over Spring break.
Brennan won't be going to 3yo preschool, but we will certainly be doing these things at home. He loves it, it gives us something to do, and he is so proud of himself when he completes something.
It's just hard to believe he's already this old. It goes fast!

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Jakes Sister said...

What an adorable little cowboy!

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