Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tomorrow is a Big Day

Is it really April tomorrow? Already?

Tomorrow is a big day, not only because it begins a busy month for us, but a few other reasons:

  • Our new windows are being installed tomorrow. I am so excited!!!! We've had the crappiest windows known to man, and I am ripping that plastic off of the current windows to-day. I am hopeful we'll be pleased with Window World, and even more hopeful the job can be completed in one day. We have some massive windows in our living room/dining area, so it may not happen all tomorrow. I'm going to snatch before & after pictures. 
  • Aidan's 2nd report card comes home tomorrow. I can't believe the 3rd quarter is over, 4th quarter beginning. It makes me sad. He's my oldest, it's new to us, and I'm in denial that he is so close to becoming a 1st grader. I'm sure I annoy his teacher beyond belief (pardon me for wanting to know about my kid's life;), but she's been good to us and we will miss her.
  • Tomorrow being April means Aidan turns 6 in 11 days! And Brennan turns 3 in 18 days! Oh my goodness. They're growing up so fast.
Of course, it's also Holy Week, and tomorrow is Holy Thursday. Already. We still have to make our Easter candy, and I still need to finish getting fillers for Easter baskets. So much to do, so little time.

I'm ready for April, for warmer weather. I look forward to Aidan's spring break and getting some good quality time in with him.
Some of it spent from inside my better-insulated house of new windows. :)


Crystal said...

Sounds like a good month coming for you guys! You did however forget the most important April date birthday in 7 days, starting the last year of my 20's ;) (kidding about it being the most important date btw, but I'm sure you know that:).

Oh, oh, oh, where did you find your candy making kit thing??? Alex wants to make some to take to Toledo for Nanas and Papas and aunts and uncles and cousins! I haven't found one yet and thought we would do it Friday or early Saturday with E too. ideas where to look?

Cant wait to see pics of the new windows and enjoy them, always a nice thing. Hopefully it won't take them more than 1 day for you. Window contractors always seem to be on the ball about speed, efficiency and good work though, in my experience at least.

Here's to a great April and spring.

Crystal said...

Dope! Forgot the most important part (although I'm sure I will send a msg closer to the days), Happy early Birthday to Aidan and Brennan both. Miss you kiddos, Ethan and Alex say Hi and Happy B-day too and they miss you and want to have a play date sometime soon!!!!!

Sue said...

ugh, I dread thinking how much windows will cost us-there are so many windows in this house & they are 30 yrs. old!
enjoy!!!! I can't believe Aidan will be 6-what did you decide to get them? are u getting that rock wall thing?
what;s great about their bdays in April is the Easter sales on toys! :)

Amy said...

Can't wait to see the before and after pics. And what kind of Easter candy are you making?