Saturday, March 06, 2010

Girls Night!

Girls' SATURDAY, day & night!

I'm heading out soon to meet Bethany and we're celebrating her birthday.
I'm a bit nervous to be away from the boys, but I know it will be a ton of much-needed fun.
(although I realized this will be my first night away from Brennan, ever. Huh)

On the agenda: getting our eyebrows waxed (Bethany's 1st time...I promise pictures;).
Some shopping. Maybe the movies. Eating out. Eating too much.
The Piano Bar.
Alcohol, perhaps.

I'm excited & hope to make her birthday a great one!

Of course I hope Pat & the boys have some good boy-time, too. I know they plan to include donuts & making their own pizza for some fun. I aim not to call them too much.

GIRLS' NIGHT!!! Long overdue. Let's make it good. :)


Bethany said...

Oh geez, thanks for announcing the eye waxing thing. So glad to have you as a friend when you say things like that ;) Haha....seeee ya soon!

Nell said...

Have fun!


Kim said...

That sounds wonderful! Have fun...and make sure to blog about it so I can live vicariously through you ;)

Sue said...

HAVE FUN!!!!! why are you nervous to be away from Brennan? Are you spending the night away? If you are spending the night away-ENJOY IT!!!

Amy said...

First time you've ever been away from Brennan? Yes, LONG overdue. Hope it was a great time and the boys gave you lots of love when you returned.