Thursday, March 04, 2010

Grocery Trip (Meijer) Updated

Today= Pay Day= Grocery Shopping

I'm mad at myself. I got home to find 3 coupons I could have used that I missed. That's what I get for rushing! Darn it.

Aside from that, I did pretty well still at Meijer.
62 items bought, $95.09 spent.

Good deals:
-Comet powder bathroom cleaner $0.88, 0.35 cents coupon, doubled, totaling $0.18 for Comet cleaner.

-Welch's brand grape jelly, on sale for $1.99, $0.75 cpn, totaling $1.24. That's only 5 cents more than the Value brand, so I went for it. I hardly ever buy the good brand, but it's worth it, in my opinion. Less sugar, better flavor, texture, etc. And for 5 cents more.

-Quaker instant oatmeal, on sale for $1.88, $1 cpn, totaling $0.88. Brand name oatmeal, less than a buck.

-Quilted Northern toilet paper-12 double rolls, on sale $5.49, $1 off cpn. $4.49
-Same for Brawny 8 pack paper towels. $5.49-$1 cpn, $4.49
     ~I had an in-store coupon for $1 off paper goods $7 or more, so I used that for these 2 items. So it really breaks down to $3.99 for the toilet paper & paper towels each.

-Freebies :)
     ~Ritz crackers, after buying 3 packs of Kraft shredded cheese (on sale for $2 each)
     ~Danimals kids' yogurt! GOOD SCORE! On sale for $2 each. I had both a Meijer $1 off coupon for the item, plus a mfr coupon for $1 off, so I got it for free.

-Not a coupon deal, but Meijer brand pasta is on sale for $0.69/box. Stock up time!

Meijer has Kraft mac & cheese for $0.60/box on sale.

-Meijer also has a deal on Kellogg's cereal. Buy 5 boxes, get $5 off instantly at check-out.
I bought cereal for $2.69/box, totaling $13.45. Subtract the instant $5, and that's $8.45 for 5 boxes.
That comes to $1.69 a box for BRAND NAME cereal.
**This is what I mean by store brand or Aldi's not always being cheaper. Deals like this make it less costly, depending on the sales and your coupons.**
UPDATE: Redplum has a Kellogg's coupon for $1.50 off 2. (I really need a working printer!)

I regret that I had no additional cereal coupons. I'm sure some of you out there would have. I can't print my own right now, and my cereal coupons were only for General Mills & Post.

I feel I could have done better, but my receipts cites $11.40 in coupons, so I'll take it & get over it.
I was feeling rushed and think that messed me up. Oh well. It's more the principal of it all than the amount. The coupons I forgot would saved me almost $2 more. They don't expire soon, though, so they will still get used.

I usually go through u-scan so I can watch each item as it scans, ensuring it's correctly priced.
Today I was hurrying, so I went through w/ an actual cashier. I learned I prefer to go through u-scan & take my time more.

We do have a freezer full of meat right now (pork, chicken, ground beef, a roast, and some steak).
We have plenty of cereal plus some school snacks for Aidan.
We have frozen veggies, plenty of pasta, barley & rice.
I'll need to replenish fresh milk and fruit, but for the most part, today's total is for 2 weeks. Not bad. (meat previously bought on sale, not reflected in today's total).

What great grocery deals have you gotten lately?


Crystal said...

just saw your tweet! thought since I'm heading out tomorrow afternoon or saturday I'd check out what you got on sale, etc. Some good deals, girlie! where'd you get a danimals cpn?? I found some yoplait and also lunchable subs (manu. and meijer!). hoping to get some good deals on meat this week. good job though!

Sue said...

I could really use your help for the rest of the month! I can only spend $75 a week-I bet you could give me a great menu....... :)

I think I want to go the route of Wal Mart gift cards so I can get them through scrips @ POP. I'll ust have to ignore sales-except for fruit. bad idea??? HELP!!!!!!!! ;)
DWTS will be GREAT!!! you know you'll watch.

Modern Catholic Mom said...

Yay! Great savings! I am so bad at the grocery part of the saving. If you had the time you could go back to Meijer and tell them you forgot those coupons with your receipt. They should reimburse you for them.