Monday, March 22, 2010

Imagination Station + Garage Sale Find!

What kind of fun can $20 buy 2 little boys? Check it out:
Not Blocks Maze/Tunnel, which retails on Amazon for over $100. Saw it at a garage sale on Saturday, figuring it'd make for good times for the boys, especially in the winter. So far it's a hit.

Aidan & Brennan exploring the new toy (thanks to Pat for putting it together!)

Pat received a gift certificate to Toledo's revamped children's museum for Christmas, and we finally used it on Sunday! 
It....was...AWESOME. Just like Marbles in NC, where we went while visiting John & Erin. We plan to buy a membership (especially considering you visit twice and paid for the membership price!). The boys had a blast. So did Pat  & I, although we managed to come home more tired than Aidan & Brennan. 

Excited to start exploring!


Aidan & Pat played w/ the tv demo-they were announcers

Brennan & Yogi Bear's Ranger

How does Aidan measure up to Tom & Jerry? He's more "Tom".

Brennan the firefighter!

If only we had this in our house ;)

Think the movie "Big"...they loved this

The water area was super cool, according to Aidan. (I agree!)
It was a busy, exhausting weekend, but we sure had some good time together as a family.


Hyperactive Lu said...

That museum looks so cool!!! We might have to visit the NC some time!

And I love those blocks! For $20 too! Even better!!!

Amy said...

I've never heard of those blocks. Looks like fun. Are they easy to take down and store?

Sue said...

very cool! Jack would love that too.

Crystal said...

that place looks like so much fun. I think I'm gonna let my MIL know that the boys would love something like that, for when she takes them for a week (!) this summer. Now just to find something for ME to do for a whole week without the kids or worrying myself crazy about them...