Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things that Made me HAPPY this Week


Buying Aidan's 1st pair of cleats. We signed him up 2 weeks ago, first game April 17th. :)

Lunch at a Greek restaurant with Crystal...delicious food. Seriously good.

Beautiful tulips given to me by Aidan

Sign of spring around here: people coming from all over to enjoy walleye season, Maumee River

Last, but not least, my red wine. Italian, semi-dry.

What made you happy this week?


Bethany said...

What made me rides, signs of spring, hearing wise words about the Jessa situation, dyeing my hair (lol), relaxing weekend with my family, cuddling a newborn baby!

I think Aidan's really going to enjoy soccer :) The boys at my school LOVE it!

Cascia said...

They all sound wonderful! My daughter's team won their first softball game, 11-1. That made me happy. I hope Aiden has fun playing soccer.

Have a great Monday!

Crystal said...

hmm, last week, things that made me happy were the ice cream social thursday at E's school, Lunch with great food with you, Spending time with my parents and Jason's parents and siblings, Helping take care of our 6mo old niece J over the weekend, oh and seeing 2 of our nephews, C and T Saturday at C's band concert.