Monday, March 08, 2010

March 8

-less than a month until Easter
-just over a month until Aidan turns 6, Brennan 3
-2 months exactly until I turn 30
-4 years ago today we lost our 2nd baby; hard to believe it's been 4 years
-it almost hit 60 degrees today

March 8 is one of those dates. It's a nagging "almost time for x, y, and z" date. Time to plan birthday parties, Easter plans, tax return spending, and realizing our first big loss.

Today was actually a pretty good day.
I got out w/ Brennan and walked w/ him in the jogging stroller for 60 minutes.
I cleaned the bathroom completely, vacuumed the entire house, replaced my shower curtain, and cleaned the bedrooms.
We had 2 more window estimates.
We almost hit SIXTY degrees! (us Midwestern folk get excited over that;)

It was a good day. I feel back to myself. I feel some peace.
I am so very grateful for the signs of spring.
After all, March 8 means only 2 more weeks until it's officially spring!

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Sue said...

Glad you had a good day! Mine not so much-my friend Colleen Thomas's dad passed away yesterday- really wasn't kind to Haleigh about a grade & I feel awful about it!

And I really don't like a punk little rich kid calling me a janitor. All I want to do is all of us dive up to Ohio/MI because I really want to be there for my friend-I was the first person she called after her family. I don't deserve such a loyal friend.