Monday, April 19, 2010

3 Years

My "baby" is 3 years old today.
How did that happen?!

When Aidan turned 3, he seemed older to me than Brennan does now at the same age. Maybe that's because when Aidan turned 3, we had another baby, making Aidan seem that much older.

Brennan is the true definition of boy: always getting into something, always jumping, climbing, looking for cookies, playing trains, loving firetrucks...

He is such a joy. He has the rare capability of driving me completely insane, while still making me adore him and see how cute he is.

He was born with a mohawk, and the attitude lives on. :)

He adores his big brother, Dinosaur Train, Umizoomi, climbing slides at parks, trying to read, and jumping on the bed. He also loves to color, splash water every time he's not supposed to, and ROAR loudly in church.

Happy Birthday to Brennan, a true blessing & gift to our family.
God only knows if you'll be our last baby, and if that's the case, talk about going out with a BANG!
(and if not, then the babies to come have a lot of fun in their future;)


Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

Happy Birthday my oldest turned 4 today they share a birthday :)

Amy said...

"He was born with a mohawk, and the attitude lives on." LOVE IT. Think you should print that on a t-shirt. Happy Birthday Brennan!

Bethany said...

Haha I love Brennan! Happy Birthday, Happy Boy! :) You're too darn cute, Mohawk and all! :)