Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mark My Words

Easy enough to do since they're in print right here. ;)

There are some books I've flirted with, borrowing them from the library. I've decided that borrowing them is just not good enough. As I continue to evolve into the type of mother I want to be, these are books I just need to own. I think as we face different stages in our boys' lives, we will want to refer to these books again & again, reading them in a different light.

So here they are. From what I have read, I highly recommend these books:
Boys Should Be Boys.  #1 on my list, for sure. I had renewed this several times, but ran out of that option. SUCH a good book. Keeps me in perspective. (also recommended by Dave Ramsey)

This one I have not read, but learned of from the Manic Mommies. I heard their interview with the author one podcast last summer, I believe. I don't see myself agreeing with 100% of the book, but most of it I was nodding my head and mentally shouting "yes!". I also follow the author on Twitter; I suggest it!

This last book on my current list isn't one specifically geared for parenting, but in our quest to raise our kids to live a debt-free lifestyle, I view it as significant. 

Obviously this is another Dave Ramsey recommendation. :) I think if we learn more of the techniques/disciplines in this book, we can apply them to our own life, being a better example to Aidan & Brennan. As one reviewer wrote, "Creating wealth is sort of like dieting.Everybody wants the end result but the discipline to achieve that result is usually lacking.Oh, if only there were a magic pill that you could take to lose weight or to create wealth without changing your habits. "
 I know how long it took me to change my dietary habits...I better start now on this financial book!
As I improve my own future, I feel I am improving my family's future, too.

So mark my words! If by Christmas I have not bought these books for myself, (and you remember;), shout out to me, and they will be what I ask for. I do hope to have purchased them by then, though.

Have you read any of these? What books are on your list?


Anonymous said...

I hope you can get the books you'd like. Just a thought, but have you tried BookMooch? It's a points-based book-swapping site and very good, if addictive!

the JOHNSON family said...

I've read "Millionaire Next Door" and it's a great book! Fast reading and very encouraging that we can raise our kids to be financially responsible and not spoiled teens that think they are entitled to everything!