Thursday, April 08, 2010

Easter (for those of you not on Facebook;)

(Aidan took this picture)

(pictured above: my boys w/ their cousins. I only have 2 kids)

7am Mass
Big breakfast of bacon, eggs, hash browns, bagels, coffee
Easter egg hunt at home
Another egg hunt
spoiled by grandparents
over to Pat's grandparents' house
sidewalk chalk
good food
live music
dancing by the kids
driving home
kids fall asleep
exhausted Pat & Sharon ;)

It was a good Easter 2010. You?


Bethany said...

Okay well I am actually on Facebook but I am soooo behind in anything computer related that I felt compelled to comment so you know I'm still alive. You know, other than incessantly bugging you on Twitter and changing my name on the BookFace. Easter was lovelito for you all, glad you had fun. My secretary was not pleased with me when I informed her that I spent Easter alone, did not go home, did not partake in an Easter meal celebration, and that my Easter basket which my 9 year old sister lovingly prepared for me in hopes that I would choose to come home, sits 3 hours from me.

notjustlaura said...

A wonderful Easter, indeed :) Mine saw me received into the Church at the Vigil Mass and then spend most of Sunday just wondering at the enormity of it!

Sue said...

Jack has officially announced Joe is his favorite Uncle. Where he gets all his energy amazes me! Easter was nice. Plenty of new movies still to watch & who knew Brad could bake so well? Peanutbutter chocolate cake=YUM!

calories smalories as Mrs. Wakefeild once said.

Lisa said...

Great pictures! I'm on Facebook, but lazy with it. Anyway, we had a great Easter. My boys are now 11 and 14, so we participated in Easter Triduum this year: Holy Thursday Mass (Steve and I had our feet washed), Good Friday stations and service, Easter Vigil 9-midnight at Most Blessed Sacrament (beautiful cathedral) and Easter Morning 11 am Mass. We brought dinner to my husband's parents and spent a peaceful day. It's been a great Easter break, lots of family time and enjoying spring.