Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Random things I've learned this week

We hit 83 here yesterday. It hadn't been this warm this time of year (here) since 1929.

My child likes to talk. He enjoys talking so much, in fact, that Aidan hasn't stopped talking since his spring break began. (help!;)

The more your kids whine during the day, the more you yearn for wine in the evening.

There's a reason they sell things to anchor furniture to walls, especially dressers in kids' bedrooms.
Yesterday my heart nearly stopped. Brennan was in his quiet time, I heard a very loud THUD. I rushed to the room to find he had opened the dresser drawers like a staircase, and in his climbing, the entire dresser fell over. Thank God the rocker was where it was, otherwise my curious little man could have really been hurt.  (thank you, guardian angels!)
(above: it's completely off the wall, though hard to tell in picture)


Following behind your nearly-6yo while he rides his bike w/ your nearly-3yo in the jogging stroller results in good exercise. It also seems to result in you being more tired than the kids. Go figure!

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