Thursday, April 29, 2010

Healing Begins

I promise, I won't be posting a video or song every day. ;)

This is a new release from Tenth Avenue North. I'm in love with this song. I feel it's a good 
follow up from yesterday's somber post.

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Today I woke up in a cheerful mood. It's stayed that way.

I'm not one to normally get all "God-spoke-to-me", or "God-told-me". I'm normally the one
yelling "God ignores me!", or better yet, "Hey GOD! If you want ME to know, I need a clear 
sign! Like a flashing BRIGHT billboard w/ my name on it!"

Yeah, that's more like me.

Thankfully today I can pretty clearly say I feel His work within me.
Funny how well that works out "seek and ye shall find...".
Father tells His children something, they listen, and it works out. 

Yup. Almost a duh-moment.


1 comment:

Lisa said...

Awesome song. Thanks for sharing. It brought tears to my eyes.