Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

I normally despise the germ-infested place, but Friday we ventured there for an end-of-kindergarten celebration.
We arrived at a good time, meaning it was not crowded or overrun yet.
I must say, I like the safety procedures at Chuck E Cheese. The hand-stamp matching for kids & parents...I felt good about that.

Aidan loved playing the games & winning tickets, and once Brennan got over the fear of how high the playset was, he loved going through it.
Our boys slept well Friday night. :)
And once they were asleep, Patrick & I enjoyed some Bud Select (channeling my inner-redneck), and me beating him in 500 Rummy. (even if he says he won, it was really him trying to catch up the number of wins I've had over him)

Some shots of their fun:

Brennan loved this little ride. I still don't quite know what the heck Teletubbies are.

Playing the water squirt game. Plenty of fun.

Brennan way up near the ceiling in the playset. He'd always stop to yell "Hi MOM!!!"

Aidan in a monster truck

Another ride Brennan was just smitten with. Who doesn't love Barney? (though he doesn't watch it)


Sue said...

Haleigh & jack love that place too-I try to avoid the bathrooms!

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Bethany said...

Haha, I love it. I avoid that place when I can but kids love it so it's okay every now and then :) I don't know 500 Rummy, you'll have to teach me that next time I visit :)