Sunday, June 06, 2010

I Felt This Way This Morning

Not most mornings, but today, yes.
Last night we had several bouts of bad weather. Around 2:30 in the morning the tornado sirens went off.  Minutes before Pat's cell phone made noise, receiving a text message about the weather.
We watched the tv to determine if we needed to get the boys out of their cozy beds and huddle into the bathroom. 
Fortunately we did NOT, and I do know we're fortunate. Several areas around us have had severe damage, including fatalities. 
This is a picture from some area damage:
and another:

This wasn't in our town, but not too far away.

I am exhausted this morning, but thankful we didn't need to hide in our bathroom (we have no basement), and that our boys didn't wake to the sound of the siren going off.
Once the alarm went off, I had trouble going back to sleep.  I worried I'd not hear it if it went off again, and then who would get my boys to the safest part of the house?!

So yes, this comic strip hits the spot this morning.


Sue said...

wow. I know that is so scary-especially not having a basement. I always think if there was time, put the boys bike helmets on to protect their heads.

Greg said...

I'm glad everyone is okay. We had a tornado scare here two weeks ago. I actually made it to the bathroom because the tv weatherman said a tornado was coming through my neighborhood. Luckily nothing happened and it turned out to be a waterspout.