Friday, June 04, 2010

Killing Time Waiting on my Chili Cheese Burrito

(Stacey, this post is dedicated to YOU;)

So some would say drunk blogging is fun.
I don't know about THAT, but I've had more than a tad & I'm having lots of fun, so perhaps those "some" are correct. ;)

I'm killing time waiting on Patrick to bring me my chili cheese burrito from Taco Smell...

Some thoughts:
I'm a month into my 30's. Here is what I've concluded:
-Sometimes automatic spellcheck is a real *itch. Fo-sho'
-During this decade of my life, I really want to train in martial arts and become a black belt. BADLY.
If I ever go back to school, it won't be for teaching. Though I loved teaching, I think I'd go for nutrition. I'd love to be a nutritionist.

But the BLACK BELT is my most exciting revelation.
Self defense is huge for me, and the confidence that would come with it...
As soon as Pat is done with school, I think I'll enroll to start my training in martial arts.

Then you blog readers betta WATCH OUT! As Ross from FRIENDS would say, "Kara-te!". I can ninja you all to another sphere-wordpress, maybe?

**Edited to add: This still remains & forever will one of my favorites: "Last night I dreamt I was a muffler, and I woke up exhausted!" .
Tell me, how is that NOT genius?!


Stacey said...

Love it :-)

Crystal said...

So funny!!

Amy said...

LOL! Hope that burrito was delicious- sounds like a fun night at your house!

Amy said...

Ha ha ha! Oh Sharon, we have to get together to drink, er, blog...