Thursday, June 03, 2010

I Officially...


(Aidan with his teacher, yesterday, the last day in school uniform)

Cliche sounding it may be, but it really truly went by so fast! It honestly feels like it JUST started. The only time it felt like it was dragging on was over Christmas break-January. ;) But that was more due to our wintery weather.

Aidan did very well in kindergarten. He is reading. His handwriting is very good. He never cried or wanted to stay home. I (thank God) never had to go pick him up from school unexpectedly. 
He loved kindergarten. We love our school. 

The past week has been filled with fun events, like the farm field trip and another outing to a park on Tuesday. Aidan was head-to-toe filthy: all boy.
And he loved every minute of it.

His school holds the tradition of the last day of school being "Party in the Parking Lot", which is like a festival for the kids. It far exceeded my expectations! There was a DJ with fun music being played (Love Shack, Thriller, Twist & Shout, some Beach Boys...good stuff), a magician, tug-of-war, duck pond game, and many others. It was a blast. I worked 2 hours of the duck pond game, loving the chance to watch Aidan &his classmates. 

There was no kindergarten graduation (which I was fine with) but I still wanted to do something to make it exciting & special. After all, Aidan is done with his first full year of school! And he did it in great stride. 
So Brennan & I did some mild decorating as a surprise for Aidan. Hey, spending a year working hard in school? You deserve some balloons! 
Aidan was pleasantly surprised & loved it. He also loved the tattoo he got at school today-at least it's patriotic. ;)

I no longer have a kindergartner. Aidan is now my first grader. *gulp*
Here is to a great summer! 


Mandy said...

There are some days when I just wish time would hold still for a second or more.... *sigh* Yay for summer!

Andrea said...

Congratulations Aidan!

I love reading your posts, makes me feel less nervous. :)

Amy said...

Party in the Parking Lot sounds like a blast! Congrats to suriving -- and thriving -- this year!

Sue said...

Congratulations Aidan!!! xoxoxo

I'm so happy he loved school-I really felt he would. The year did fly by-I remember how nervous you were-tell Aidan we are so proud of him & will do something special in TN.