Sunday, July 18, 2010


Not chocolate.
Not avocados (my usual cravings during a month).

I am craving FALL.
I want 55 degree weather.
I want to wear jeans and cute shoes.
I want to feel a cool breeze that's not filthy with humidity.

I am craving fall. Badly.

We've had hotter & more humid than usual weather. It's gross.
I normally don't tolerate the heat well, let alone right now.
It's just TOO hot.
I am miserable in heat like this. I wish I was living in Washington state!

I'm craving the other part of fall, too: the return to a routine, kids going back to school, etc.
I feel slightly guilty admitting I am feeling excited about my child going back to school, but it all comes together-go back to school, a set routine takes over for the next 9-10 months.

But mostly, I am craving fall weather. Because when it is cooler outside, I can tolerate the park and playing outside all day long. I even enjoy it.

Fall....come quickly.
If you can't, then this dang weather just really needs to cool down. NOW.


Bethany said...

What is WRONG with you?!!?! LOL.

I loooove summer, it should never end. LOVE it. I do not know that we can be friends anymore, k? Hehe.

Nell(janelle) said...

I'm craving fall too! I hope I'm healthy enough by then to enjoy it!


Greg said...

I couldn't have said it better!

I've given up this Summer and have decided to become a hermit until Fall!

I want colorful leaves, pumpkins, halloween costumes, county fairs and cool/crisp beautiful nights!!

Sharon said...

Greg, I love the way you think!

Amy said...

Totally with you. I think Bethany must be a freak. :)