Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Living Like No One Else"

If you know anything about Dave Ramsey, you know those words come from his mouth more times than one can count.
And yes, it's like no one else, so later, you can LIVE like no one else.

I get that.
We've been living like no one else for some time now. We've made choices people would die before doing, or so they say in casual conversation.
We've had only one car since early 2006.
We have a very small house, with only one bathroom.
We don't belong to the YMCA, and this is living in a town where everyone goes to the Y.
I go without needed clothes and shoes for some time.
Our furniture is seriously beyond crappy. Even our couch cover is beyond crappy. Shoot, in our living room, the couch is ALL we have. Lack of furniture.

And yes, these are our choices. We could have chosen differently.
However, I'd like to think it's starting to pay off.
We no longer have a car payment or any credit card debt. Just out mortgage and student loans.
We live in a small house, but it's one we can afford. I don't have to worry month to month if we'll be able to pay the mortgage. And soon, we will be buying a second car again. Only this time, paying for it in cash, fully, up front.

We have made progress.
Still, human nature kicks in, and I feel frustrated at times. I want to have a tantrum and complain, ask why others get this or that when we don't, and we live within our means, etc.

We had a playdate today. The friends are very nice, generous people. They are very hard workers. They have earned & deserve all they have.
But let me tell ya, being in their nice big home, their home with the upstairs, basement and a few play made me really wish that I had more right now.
Do you realize how much less frustrating my days would be if I simply had more SPACE?

Sigh. I don't want to complain. But I do feel a tad...envious? Jealous?
Certainly ready to be there.

Hopefully our day will come, and when we're there, we'll be there with no debt to haunt us. And our kids will learn from that, and be able to start their adult lives in a good financial position.
Perhaps I'll have my bigger home when my kids are adolescents, a time when they care more about appearances. When space is needed more for developmental reasons, and perhaps when we'll have more kids and a true need for more space, not just the want.

Today is one of those days.
A little sad, but also where I clearly see the urge to set aside $600 for our next down payment, and tolerate the beastly couch even longer.

Living like no one else...we've been on the end where it stinks. Often feels lonely.
Hopefully one day we'll be on the end where we feel free and good.


Hyperactive Lu said...

Gosh! I could have written this... or maybe I have.... Living like no one else does stink! Its so hard to think- I'm doing the right thing here- but you're watching your friends and neighbors go on 4 plus vacations a year and buying new TVs houses, etc like its going out of style! I complain weekly to Hubbie... how do these ppl have all this money?! I mean, Hubbie doesn't make a ton, but still, how do other families DO it?! Girl, we are strange and we just gotta be confident that this WILL pay day! Hang in there! Hugs!

Amy said...

Sharon - Stay the course. We are in a big debt situation and I look at folks like you as a serious inspiration. I really admire you and your resolve more than I could ever admire anyone's big house.

Molly said...

Hi Sharon,
I just found your blog :-) This post is EXACTLY how I feel lately. We are newbies to Dave Ramsey and have formulated our plan, finished step one and beginning step two. You have DEFINITELY made the right decision about a house. We made the wrong one and are in a huge house that makes us poor and we have had on the market for 5 months :-( We will be in a house like yours soon...I hope!!
Your blog is great by the way and congrats on your pregnancy!
Molly H.