Friday, July 30, 2010

Now for the New Couch

I wasn't trying to tease you all with the previous post. ;)
I was trying to wait to get a picture until the kids were in bed, so the toys would be put away, etc.

Oh well. For now, here is what we bought:

and the new comfy chair I'm claiming as "mine"

We may paint the wall behind the couch one color, then the wall behind the entertainment center (opposing wall) another color. The beige paint was there when we moved in.

So there ya have it. Nothing fancy or outrageously expensive, and pictures are done by a minorly-skilled picture taker. But we're happy with it. :)


Andrea said...

i'm loving it. same color as my love seat almost in my living room. ;) we have the beige/sand walls. i like it with that color.

Bethany said...

You know what? For some odd reason I wasn't expecting to like it (I know, sorry!!!) but I actually LOVE it!!!

In Light of the Truth... said...

Beautiful, Sharon! Nice choice!

Crystal said...

ooh, I like!! Can't wait to come over and check it out in person!

Amy said...

What a pretty color! Where did you buy it?

Sharon said...

We bought the couch & chair at Value City Furniture.

Bethany, I would never have expected to like red furniture in my own home, either. :)