Sunday, August 01, 2010

Well, Hello August

Now that it's over, July feels like it went quickly.
And here we are welcoming August (already).

I have been looking forward to this month.
Mostly because Thursday is my hubby's final, and then he has a few weeks off of school before his FINAL CLASS! It will be so nice to have him home, stress-free from papers and studying.

We have some nice weekends planned this month.
Visiting friends in MI, hopefully re-doing most of our bathroom, Pat enjoying some guy time with his brother, and a trip up north to Pat's grandparents' cabin. I am so looking forward to the cabin, which will hopefully be a nice relaxing, uneventful trip. with cooler weather!

August concludes Aidan's busy summer rec schedule. I'll miss that. But with school starting in 24 days(!), I need the time with him.
Time to play Uno, the card game war, the Wii, and all that he asks me to do.

August hopefully marks the end of morning sickness (please, God!). I am 10 weeks today.
Last night I had a dream it was a boy. I'm not gonna lie...I was bummed. I really hope for a girl.
Yes, yes, a boy would be fine, too, but I have girl vibes. ;)

We have some family birthdays this month-2 of my sisters-in-law, and Pat's grandmother. My oldest sister's birthday is also this month! Too bad I'm not able to take her out.

So I welcome August. I'm hopeful that August will feel better than July did.
How about you? Are you happy to have August?


Bethany said...

Ummmm, you forgot to mention that I would be coming to visit you (I hope!) I'm really not sure that August holds anything too special for me. No trips planned, just normal work. However "normal" is lately.

Anonymous said...