Monday, July 26, 2010

A Summer Day at the Zoo

Last Thursday we had quite the full day: tee-ball game in the morning, and not even an hour later we joined friends at the zoo. 
We're very fortunate in that our zoo is WONDERFUL. Their kids' area is awesome, and I barely even got pictures to show for it. 

Aidan loved seeing some friends from school, and I enjoyed watching him have fun. Brennan loved it, too. 
It's definitely a memory worth looking back on, so here are some pictures to help with that:

The wading creek where the kids could build a dam; rocks & sticks provided.

Aidan got to hold & brush a gerbil! It made me sneeze, but he had fun. ;)

The indoor part was super cool for the kids. This was the play-honeycomb at the Bee center. Big hit.

There were also animal costumes for dress up. First Brennan was a zebra.

Then a bumblebee

Then some free face-painting!

It was a fun 3 hours at the zoo. I was beyond beat that night!
Thank you, God, for my kids having friends to enjoy childhood with.


Amy said...

I think a guy I went to high school with is a herpetologist there. He digs snakes. My kids would totally dig that climbable honeycomb.

Bethany said...

I do really like your zoo- the girls and I had a lot of fun there :) Looks like you had a good day!