Friday, August 06, 2010

Heading to "My Kind of Town"

You know that Frank Sinatra song, right?

I'm heading to Chicago-Labor Day weekend.
I can't believe it.
I'm flying in to Chicago, and meeting me there are 2 of my good friends from college.
Alison we saw last summer, and Kristen will be there. Kristen--I have not seen her since Alison's engagement, when Aidan was still 1! It's been way too long. 

Both of these awesome chics were in my wedding. I was in Alison's, and I was supposed to be in Kristen's (couldn't due to her wedding & Aidan's birth being about a week apart;).

We all met over 10 years ago, living in the same dorm, same 3rd floor. Kristen was my very first roommate. We were in Austria together (though oddly enough, we barely traveled together!).

I love these girls and miss them dearly.
We've talked about having a big girls' weekend when we all turned 30, but I didn't fully think it'd happen.


We're doing one night/day in Chicago, then enjoying time in Milwaukee at Alison's. 
Labor Day weekend.
3 days. 3 girl friends going back 12 years.

Though I''m afraid to fly right now, I am so stinking excited!!!

And HUGE HUGE thanks to my incredible husband. 
He didn't even think twice or bat an eye when the topic came up.
He just said "go", and without complaint or anything agreed to pull a boys' weekend with Aidan & Brennan. I should be more like that with him. 
I am lucky, and I know it. (and honey, I want you to have some fun with your friends soon!)

Alison, Kristen, Chicago, Milwaukee....HERE WE COME!!!!!!


KBF said...

awesome! tell my parents, they'll chew your ear off about chicago... or maybe don't tell them.

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Greg said...

Sounds like a great long weekend getaway! Have fun!!

Bethany said...

Oh wow! I had no awesome! I'm excited for you :) HAVE FUN YOU DESERVE IT but never forget who you were with the first night away from Brennan...ME! lol ;)