Thursday, August 05, 2010


One thing I've realized: at the end of each semester, when my husband is super busy (aside from his full-time job), super busy studying for finals, completing class projects or papers, it's at that time I find myself feeling quite lonely.

It makes sense.
All of his time & attention need to go to school.
And yes we have kids, but they are 6 & under. I love them, but it's not the same as adult interaction.

The loneliness that accompanies my hubby being in grad school is the hardest part of it all for me.
Sure, playing single parent gets tough, too. But the loneliness is the hardest.

I don't have family in town, or even in state.
If we lived by my parents I think it'd be a lot different. I'd probably invite myself over for dinner more than they'd care for, or just be there to hang out.

But living where we have no family makes that impossible.

I miss having my partner around. I like when we get the boys to bed, and then actually have time to talk to each other, play a card game, etc.

As I was reminded today, though, tonight is Patrick's last evening class EVER.
He has one class remaining after this...ONE class. And that will be from 4:30-6:00!
He completes his MBA in December. It's all coming to and end.
So I am trying to keep my chin up, because after tonight, he will be back.
I know there will be studying and papers, but to have him physically will feel less lonely.
After all, I didn't marry the man because I wanted to be away from him. ;)

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Nell(janelle) said...

I'm sorry hun. I hate being lonely and I can relate to that feeling quite well.

Though my home is filled to the brim with kids, I do get quite filled up from being with, and talking to, my husband.

I relate.