Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Monday

I'm not ready to greet Monday with a smiling face. I liked the weekend, sleeping, and my husband grilling out our meals. Back to the grind, we go, and there is sure plenty of work I need to get done.

Menu to start~
We need to get creative until pay day on Thursday. After quickly looking at what we have in the house, this is my tentative plan:
Monday: Bean & Cheese Burritos
TuesdayAngel Hair Pasta Chicken
Wednesday: Spaghetti Marinara
Thursday & Friday: Hubby & the boys are on their own.

It's a busy week here.
Today hubby has class & it's the first full week for Aidan, meaning more homework and studying for his first test on Friday.
Tuesday is the first day of soccer practice for Aidan, and this year, it's a full hour.
Wednesday-Pat has dental apt, he has class, and I better have my menu planned for the following week.
Thursday = pay day. Trip to the bank, grocery shopping, register Brennan for story time at library,  and oh, I'm flying out that evening to meet some friends in Chicago! I'm a bit nervous about the flying part.
Friday: I'll be with friends, and Pat is playing single parent with the boys. Aidan's class has danish & beverage time before school starts. I'll miss it. :( But Pat & Brennan will go. They have something fun to do that evening, too. (free festival downtown in our town)

BUSY WEEK! I want to get the house super-cleaned before my trip.
Now I just need to find the energy to do so.

BUT! We get to welcome September this month. :) One day closer to officially welcoming FALL!

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Hyperactive Lu said...

Sounds like a fun and busy week in your house! The trip sounds SUPER fun!!! Can't wait to go away without my crew for a day or two...but I'm not sure I could fly! I'm a scaredy cat in my "old" age!!!

Menu looks good too!!!