Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st Day of 1st Grade

I share this with you with teary-eyes. I'm in disbelief that Aidan is a first-grader.
It's the big leagues now!
I reviewed his papers and syllabus last night. Holy Cow, it's hard core compared to kindergarten. Religion test every Friday, daily Math flash cards, daily Sight Words, Social studies vocab words, etc.
It will be good for him, I know, but even I feel slightly overwhelmed.

Still, when it was time to leave Back to School Night last night, Aidan did not want to leave. He complained on the way home that he wanted to be at school.
Today walking in, we saw his good friend, and he excitedly said "hey Charlie, we match!". (both boys wearing the blue uniform shirts;).

I wanted to squeeze Aidan til no end, and tell him how much I feel I already miss him (also catching me off guard).
I wanted to turn into a fly on the wall so I could be there all day.
I am home with Brennan, though, who is having a tantrum that we left Aidan at school.
We'll miss Aidan together today, try to do something special, and hope Aidan has a wonderful 1st day.

These growing pains get me every time.


Crystal said...

Aww. All those pictures brought tears to MY eyes! 2 more weeks for us, and I'm sure I'll be having one of those days, but noone to share it with!! Open House is next tuesday and school starts a week later...kindergarten and 4th grade here we come. :*(

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Yay for 1st grade!! My oldest are in 3rd & 4th today. Can't believe it.


Sue said...

he'll have a great year!!! :)
I'm still surprised you walk him in-no morning car line huh?
we walk Jack in for K4 but I think if they had a car line like the rest of the school, there may be not so many tears. who knows, maybe worse!

Mandy said...

Can you believe it? Time is marching right on. He looks so cute. :) Hope you are feeling well!

Bethany said...

Aw, how sweet. i can't believe he's in 1st grade already...I vividly remember a lot of that grade (had a wonderful teacher) :) Too cute!