Monday, August 23, 2010

Up North

This is the cabin where we relaxed & had fun:

The gorgeous view from the cabin porch:

It was a nice trip. Much cooler weather, it practically made me giddy.
Some of my favorites:

The boys picked blackberries & apples and then made homemade pie with Pat's grandmother.

Family ice cream trip in Fishtown.

Train ride in Traverse City.

Brennan's 1st bee sting-ouch. :(
Aidan's several bug bites, including infected spider bite on his ear (leading to a visit to Urgent Care).

Leaves already changing colors.
Needing a sweatshirt at night.

The sound of Lake Michigan...
The sight of endless sailboats...

Our trip up north was eventful & fun. 


Sue said...

Looks DIVINE. I hate that B was stung- ***** bee!!! And Aidan's swelling-but it looks like he still has A LOT of fun!
SO pretty-are there a lot of schools in the area? Businesses? Do you see a lot of fisherman? I mean, is that a big part of their economy?
Makes me sooo homesick for the north!!!!!

Amy said...

I'm so going there sometime. Looks like my kind of trip. Glad you had a great time.