Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We're Supposed to Go Up North Tomorrow

Pat's grandparents have a gorgeous cabin in Northern Michigan, on Lake Michigan. It's beautiful and like a whole different state up there.

The plan is to leave tomorrow, and I'm crossing my fingers & praying that will still work out.

Yesterday afternoon Brennan came down with a random fever. I suspect it was from overdoing it on Sunday at the Exclaim festival, maybe heat exhaustion. 2 hours jumping in inflatables, in 95 degree weather in high humidity...yeah, that's my suspicion.

Then last night Patrick started with stomach issues. I think it could be his lunch from yesterday (Walking Tacos from a fast food place). I hope it's just that. Otherwise it may be a virus and I don't want the rest of us to get it!

It's already felt like a long day, and I know it's going to feel longer.
I've been awake since 4 with Brennan, and I have my 12 week prenatal appointment today.
I'm trying to do my best in taking care of sick Pat & Aidan, fortunately-healthy-Aidan, but I admit: all I can think about right now is a nap.

If you think of it, please throw up a prayer for us so we can still head to the cabin tomorrow.

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Lisa said...

Hope you all feel better!