Monday, September 13, 2010

Blog Neglect (full of randomness)

I had a post started & saved, but the picture upload kept failing, then it was the weekend, etc.

My girls' weekend was very nice. Once we were all together, it was as if time stood still, resuming only when the 3 of us started chatting. It was a nice feeling & get away.

I returned home with a cold, and a week later, it's still annoying me. 
Plus Thursday is pay day, which means we are on slim pickings for groceries in the house right now. I want everything we don't have, and everything I shouldn't eat. Like a sirloin from Longhorn's.

Speaking of pay day, we finally did our written budget again. We had gotten our of practice during the summer. Amazing what peace of mind it gives me, doing that usually-simple act. Cash can certainly feel like both the powerful way, as well as the authoritative way. (like now)

On the home improvement front, we scheduled with a local company for out shower/tun to be re-done. Given the way our 1955 house has settled, the store-bought usual surrounds would not be adequate enough. I am thrilled to know our bathroom will be improved and much more sanitary, yet I also cringe & think "the joys of being a homeowner", knowing what else we could do with that money.
I take comfort in knowing we live in a town where our property value has gone up, and this truly is an investment in our home. A home I really hope to sell within 3 years.

Pregnancy: I'm 16 weeks now, showing for sure, enjoying ligament pains (not), and still tired as all get out. I have an appointment this coming Friday, with a scheduled ultrasound! It's not the "big one", since the primary purpose is to check my cervix. (tmi? Sorry! it's my blog;)
Still, I am so very hopeful we'll leave that visit knowing if I'm growing a boy or girl.
What do you think we're having?

Other kids: ha. Aidan is doing very well in 1st grade. His teacher is one tough cookie! Math seems to be a strength of his, and I love that. He has done very well on his Religion tests so far, and his fluency in Reading is really coming along. It's a huge difference from kindergarten, comparing the work load. 2 book "reports"/story maps a week, a Religion test each Friday, and about 50 various flash cards we're supposed to review nightly. Fortunately he doesn't mind homework, and he really loves school.
Oh, and his first soccer game for this season was Saturday. :)

Brennan is starting his first official Preschool Story Time at our library this Wednesday. He is excited about "library school". We are really blessed with an amazing library in our town.
Brennan & I also do some coloring and tracing and letter writing each day. My goal is to work on his fine motor skills. The problem? Brennan has convinced himself he can't write  a capital "B" on his own.
Interesting challenge. Any tips?

That's my lengthy, random catch-up post. Thanks for popping by!

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Bethany said...

Will Brennan write a lowercase "b"? I'd let him do that at first if he wants to...he can always add on the extra part when he gets a little older. LOL.

You know...I think you're going to have a girl. Or not. I don't really have a feeling for you either way, truthfully~

So glad you had fun on your girls weekend!!