Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brennan the "Big Kid"

He's 3 & all, but with Aidan always around, Brennan is more viewed as the "little brother".  Aidan is referred to as the big kid.

Aidan is back in school now, though, and Brennan & I have gained a lot of one-on-one time.
Oh my goodness, seeing Brennan in ways, situations now where he is THE kid, it's heart-warming. An eye opener.
Brennan is now starting to do activities that Aidan did at that age. I remember it so clearly because Brennan was just a newborn when Aidan was 3! We hadn't even lived in Ohio a year yet.
So much has changed. Seeing Brennan now doing the "Aidan" things really shows how much he's growing up, too.
In his own way.

They're so much alike, yet entirely different.

Today was the first day for preschool story time at our amazing library. I think "story time at the library", I think Aidan. I think Brennan crawling around.
Not any more!
It's  now BRENNAN.

He was great! I admit, I was nervous. He's a much more aggressive person than Aidan, and I expected a little bit of difficulty.
But no.
He sat still for all 4 stories, participated in the songs, marched around with the pom-poms, etc. It was thrilling to see. To see the excitement and smile in his eyes, and hear him proudly tell us that HE went to "library school".
He's already old enough to do the formerly-Aidan things.

It was a busy, great day. (up until after school;)
Brennan shared with no problems at the library, and he was a gem during story time. We went from there to help with the walking club during recess at Aidan's school, and again, Brennan was great.
He has really matured.

Later at home we practiced his writing, glueing, and use of scissors. Boy those scissors are tricky for him! ;) We also did his Fall Handprint Wreath. Remember Aidan's?

THIS is the reward to parenting.
Seeing it, in an obvious way, for yourself, how your kids are growing. Maturing.
Not all moments are perfect. Not even close.
But the moments are better, and the days more enjoyable.

Brennan is now one of the big kids.
It happened so fast.

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